About Zimbabwe Property Sales

We are an online property portal that allows people from all over Zimbabwe to by or rent real estate properties such as houses, buildings, land and other industrial equipment, and the same time allowing real estate agency and property owners to sell or showcase their property to the online community which has property lovers.

To use this platform one has to create an account and this is totally free. After than one must then login to the property website using a username or email and a password. Then begin to add one's property listing such as, houses for sale, houses to rent, land for sale,stands for sale or to rent. One can also begin processes of buying these properties upon logging in, it all depends on what, one is here for.

To add the properties: houses, stands, land, building and etc, on this platform it is very important to use short but descriptive titles, following by an explanation of how the proprty is or looks like. It is very important that you make your buyer understand how the property really looks like even before doing actual site visit.

It is there fore also very important to add clear, good quality property pictures. If it is a house or building then try to capture all angles and then upload the pictures. Also include working contact details such as phone numbers and emails as well your address as an agent or property owner.

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